If your child feels unwell and showcase COVID-19 symptoms he/she must not attend the session. 

If your child starts to feel unwell and showing COVID-19 symptom during a session he/she will need to be collected and advised to have a COVID-19 test and inform Coach Darral of the outcome. 

According to the official government guidance, social distancing should he followed. It is advised that a 2 metre distance should be maintained as much as possible. Careful selection of activities and location will help to achieve this.

Tape, cones and hoops would be used to identify standing areas.

Reduce number of activities to avoid the likelihood of injury and therefore to avoid needing to have close contact. 

Equipment to be minimised and all equipment should be wipeable.

Wiping down surfaces before and after an activity.

First aid , if needed to be carried out while wearing gloves and face mask.

Recommended hand washing. 

When simply watching the activity taking place , children and adults must adhere to the social distancing rules.

Spectators should minimise shouting or raising voices to lower risk of infection. 

Participants should bring their own water bottles

In case of need for contact, such us to treat an injured participant, hands should be thoroughly washed with soap and water if available or alcohol. 

Parents and children should be briefed about the guidelines